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What is a vGRID Virtual Server?

A vGRID virtual server is a server that shares the hardware resources of the overall platform rather than being a single piece of equipment just for that server alone. A virtual server is not at risk of a drive failure or power supply failure or any other hardware fault since it resides on a large number of physical servers, sharing the resource.

It is important to know that a virtual server on vGRID is not a virtual "container" like some of the VPS offerings available. Those solutions provide a container within a single server installation and give you access to it. A virtual server on vGRID is an isolated environment with your own operating system installation, your own network, your own CPU, RAM and Hard Drive devices attached (virtual devices). The brains behind this sharing of physical resources is known as a hypervisor.

The Hourly Model - vGRID Flex

We don't attempt to baffle you with some sort of "unique unit based billing" and neither do we require you to top-up your account before you get started. Pay for what you use by the hour- it's as simple as that!

vGRID Flex = Pay for what you use by the hour- it's as simple as that!

High Availability

vGRID Infrastructure as a Service has significant advantages over other server hosting solutions, including automated high availability technologies that keep your servers running in the event of a hardware failure, massive scaling of computing resources, and fully automated resource management.

Built to be Cloud

vGRID Enterprise has been purpose built from a blank canvas to be reliable and scalable, ready to meet the needs of your business 24x7.

We have adopted the latest technologies from vendors such as Hewlett Packard (HP) and VMWare, as well as networking technologies from Cisco and Checkpoint. With dedicated and certified engineers providing on demand support you can rest assured your services are being well managed.

Managed Backups

All virtual servers on vGRID are backed up daily using the latest technology from Veeam, Backup & Replication. Our on-site retention policies give you the flexibility to restore from any daily backup in the past 14 days. We take offsite backups on tape (LTO Tape Media) every week and they are kept for twelve (12) weeks.

So, to summarise:

  • Basic Backup Plan: We backup your virtual server every day and keep 14 days of daily backups onsite.
  • Premium Backup Plan: We take a separate backup of your virtual server every weekend and this is kept secure in an off-site vault by Plan-B for twelve (12) weeks.

For clarity of timing, the weekly off-site backups are taken after 10pm on Friday and before 8am Monday.

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