vGRID SecurePath

What is SecurePath™?

Operating your core IT Infrastructure as a Service consumed from a remote datacenter makes sense, it delivers an on demand suite of resources to keep your business running effectively. But how do you connect to that service? Over the internet is always 'best efforts' and that leaves you vulnerable in terms of performance and security.

With vGRID SecurePath™ those concerns vanish, the network path is direct, from your office to your servers. It does not route over the internet, is not at the mercy of public traffic congestion or vulnerable to hacker access through snooping. vGRID SecurePath™ is the most secure, high performance private networking service available. Don't compromise on the path your data travels, make sure it is as secure and reliable as possible - the rest of your IT infrastructure relies on it.

What are the options?

With multiple delivery options including UFB Fibre, VDSL and Spark LTE cellular data, you can leverage vGRID SecurePath™ to deploy a highly resilient network solution removing all risks associated with single path access, in particular 'spade fade' caused by civil works digging up in-ground network cables. SecurePath™ routes directly into the vGRID virtual datacenter in which your virtual servers are running, providing the equivalent to direct connection between your office LAN and production server environments.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast: By direct connecting to the vGRID platform you will maximise the bandwidth potential of the link.
  • Private: The networks used between the customer site and the vGRID platform are privately addressed so they cannot route to the internet.
  • Secure: As the connection is point to point and privately addressed, there is no co-mingling of traffic at all, giving you the most secure route (path) to your servers.

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