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As a small business it is sometimes hard to figure out what the best solution is for your business. For expert advice contact an experienced vGRID Partner who can help you on your path to the cloud.

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vGRID Cloud-Computing designed for SME's

We designed vGRID cloud services with Small & Medium Enterprises (SME's) in mind because we want you to have access to the best that cloud-computing has to offer. vGRID affords SME's an opportunity to run their business in a more efficient, agile and enjoyable way.

Minimise Expenses

Reduce spend on IT infrastructure and maintenance costs. With Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) you no longer need to worry about upgrading old hardware, running software updates and ongoing maintenance costs. This is all taken care of in the background so you don't need to worry about it.

We recommend vGRID Starter Virtual Server which offers a dedicated web server running all the latest Microsoft technologies including 50GB Basic Backup plan.

It's Scalable

You can easily add or remove services as and when you need them and only pay for what you use. For example if you are running a large project and need some more compute you can easily deploy a server in under four minutes. Then turn it off again when you have finished. The same goes with storage. No need to purchase another SAN. Just add another TB of data and you are done.

If this sounds like you then vGRID Flex could be the solution for you.

Disaster can be Averted

Backing up your business data is now more important than ever, especially with the rise of malware attacks. Backing up your data in the cloud is now easier than ever and ensures that you have an offsite back-up should disaster strike.

Check out vGRID Cloud Storage and Back-Up options.

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