vGRID Starter

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Get your own dedicated web server running the latest Microsoft technologies for only $149 per calendar month (special conditions: hardware specification is fixed)

Simply add a "Web Starter" server to your cloud account (instant automatic deployment).

Get your own for $149 per month, a saving of more than 50%

All this for only $149 per month (plus GST)

High performance virtual server infrastructure valued at $222 per month, enterprise software valued at $88 per month.

What you get

Hardware valued at $222 per month
Single vCPU
50GB HDD on the Silver Tier
Basic Backup Plan
50GB on-site, daily backup in 14 day rotation
A public IP address
Software valued at $88 per month
Microsoft Windows Server 2016
Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition
Microsoft IIS Web Server
Microsoft Web Platform Installer
Microsoft Windows Server 2016

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